FIFA 15 Barcelona and Real Madrid Stats Revealed –

The development team at EA Sports has not yet offered any official look at the ratings for players in FIFA 16 but it seems that, at least for the moment, Lionel Messi is considered to be a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo, with a rating of 94 to 93.

The information comes from an Italian site that talks about a recent event in Madrid during which information about the teams for both Barcelona and Real Madrid was offered.

The source is a little sketchy, and that means that fans of the series should probably take them with a pinch of salt.

Even if the data is real, it is very probable that EA Sports will continue to evaluate players and to revise it before the FIFA 16 experience is launched. See More at:

FIFA 15 Team of the Week Includes David Villa, Morales, More

The development team at EA Sports is continuing to deliver more content for those who love the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 in the form of another Team of the Week, even if most of the company is now focused on the creation of the next title in the series.

Because of the smaller number of important matches taking place at the moment, the developers have selected a team that does not have a huge amount of stars, with David Villa offering most of the firepower up front.

He is joined in the attacking line of the new Team of the Week by Zardes and Berisha.

The midfield that EA Sports has selected includes four players: Santos, Hong Chul, Garcia, and the very solid Morales.

The defensive line is made up of Svensson, Lim Jong Eu and Vilsvik.

The goalkeeper included in the Team of the Week is the relative unknown Ousted. See More at:–Morales–More-150728.html


Wildstar devs confirm free-to-play as part of huge revamp

MMO WildStar will be going free-to-play this autumn. Developer Carbine Studios has confirmed the rumours reported a couple of weeks ago, and also gone into detail about the hows and whys of the decision.

Firstly, creative director Chad Moore and Mike Donatelli are keen to stress all areas of the game will be open to all players and there won’t be any cynical moves like preventing players from using speed boosts, though an optional subscription will be available for certain perks. This “Signature Membership”, as it’s currently called, is planned to offer bonuses to XP, crafting, currency and item drops, though these are yet to be finalised. It’s worth noting too that CREDD will still be available for gold in-game or real-world cash, to then be sold or exchanged for a month of this preferred status. Anyone who’s subbed to the game at any stage, whether that’s been since launch or once the transition happens, will earn Loyalty Points to earn Loyalty Rewards. Carbine plans to put all the free-to-play changes onto the Public Test Realm (PTR) so players can try them out and offer feedback before the switch occurs.

A cash shop is also set to join the MMO offering both cosmetic and convenience items, though Carbine is opting for an interesting twist on this front. Rather than filling it with items unobtainable unless you open your wallet, the team is also adding a new currency to the game called “Omnibits”. These will drop from foes while you’re playing and, as every single item in the in-game store will also have an Omnibit price as well as a cash price, you’ll theoretically be able obtain anything in there simply by dedicating a good chunk of your time to farming these or just playing the game.-Buy cheap wildstar gold

E3 2015: How WildStar Is Transitioning to Free-to-Play

When I took a look at Carbine Studios’ popular MMORPG WildStar at E3 2014 it seemed like a fun, cartoony space western that despite all its charm, was ultimately not my cup of tea. Added to that, many-often, players of other MMOs-had mentioned to me last year that while the game started out fun, WildStar suddenly, inexplicably became very difficult at endgame.
To their credit, WildStar has received about five major updates since last we spoke. The developers came up with fun and crazy ideas for the game’s mechanics, dungeons and raids-which ultimately got away from them and left not-so-veteran players feeling lost. Between this and the enormous amount of interest and signups the game saw ever since the free-to-play plans were announced, Carbine has been hard at work at making WildStar more accessible to MMO players of all types.

Many of the changes won’t be implemented until the free-to-play model, but they will be welcomed nonetheless. For starters, the way players are introduced into the game will depend entirely on your specified MMO experience: none at all gets you the most in depth tutorial; some but new to WildStar introduces you to mechanics unique to the title, and WS veterans simply get some decent gear and sent on their merry way. Dungeons, which started at level 20, will be paced better, and will be available at level 10, starting with a tutorial dungeon, and one of the previously level 20 dungeons will now be lowered to level 15. Gear for newbies will also be offered so that the dungeons are less of a jarring experience the first time around.

In addition, WildStar will see many other adjustments, like the reworking of character stats. Primary and secondary stats will be simpler to understand, yet more experienced players will have all the customization options that they currently have access to. Existing players will notice several quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to sprint endlessly out of combat, prime monsters being moved ‘out of the way’, the ability to sell junk with a single button, and more.

Finally, it was announced today that WildStar will be expanding into the China region. That launch is several months away, but testing will begin soon in the coming months. When we asked if there were plans to launch in other regions, they were currently looking into it, but there were no other confirmations at the time, during E3. The free-to-play update and the Chinese launch do not yet have exact dates.

Wildstar Goes Free-To-Play In The Fall

Carbine Studios’ sci-fi Wildstar launched in June of 2014, bravely opting for a paid subscription model while more high-profile games were going free-to-play. They made it a year!

Announced by publisher NCsoft earlier this year, Wildstar will be stripping away its $US15 monthly subscription fee in favour of a free-to-play model that will hopefully drum up fresh interest in one of the PC market’s more unique settings.

“At the beginning of 2015, we outlined key points of focus for WildStar to help make this great game even better,focusing heavily on player feedback and bringing meaningful changes,” said Mike Donatelli, product director, Carbine Studios via official announcement. “We continue to deliver on those points and feel strongly that removing the subscription cost will give everyone who loves MMOs, or just wants to have an incredible gaming experience, a chance to try WildStar.”

Once Wildstar goes free, anyone who wishes to play can create a character, explore all areas, battle through every dungeon and participate in all activities on offer. Those who opt to pay a membership fee will gain access to special items not available to dirty freeloaders. The game will also be supported by a cash shop selling cosmetic and convenience items-Carbine says they won’t be selling anything that aids in player progression.

Fans who have subscribed to the game in the past or maintain a subscription once the game goes free-to-play will be eligible for special item rewards, as detailed in a post on the game’s website.

It’s a great move on NCsoft’s part. Wildstar has a really cool cartoon aesthetic and an excellent sense of humour (see the announcement trailer below),but what hope did a subscription model game based on an unknown original IP have in a market segment that couldn’t support a Star Wars MMO made by one of gaming’s most successful development houses?

FIFA 16: 10 Big Things You Need To Know From E3

Fifa 16 ps coins-E3 is here, and it’s brought a raft of information with it about the eagerly-anticipated FIFA 16 which is set for launch on September 25th in the UK, and a few days earlier in the US.

With real-world European football action on hold for the summer, eyes are turning to screens for regular doses of the beautiful game, and EA announced their plans for the next instalment during their E3 press conference.

The legendary Pele was even drafted in for an interview on-stage, while the Brazilian icon features in the official gameplay trailer which gives fans a feel of what to expect from FIFA 16.

The game doesn’t come with fancy, commercialised labels to stick across one or two main features this time around, instead, the developers have rebuilt areas of the game with weakness, and fine-tuned their tried-and-tested model in a bid to deliver a bug-free, entertaining game to hook fans all over again.

While big new features are always welcome additions to most games, FIFA really does just need some fine-tuning to iron out the wrinkles of an otherwise excellent formula.
Lots of small changes, can equate to a big difference, but what features should fans be looking forward to on FIFA 16.-Fifa 16 ps3 coins


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the Season for Latin America announced

Fifa 15 xbox one coins-EA Sports have announced their latest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the Season, and for the first time ever it is a team made up of players playing in Latin America.
With the season over for many leagues across the world, there have been a raft of Team of the Seasons released on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

The Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga have all received their Team of the Seasons, and many thought that either Serie A or Ligue 1 could be the next to receive their cards.

However instead it is a Latin America side that makes its debut in the Team of the Season series.

The name that is likely to stand out to most fans of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is Dorlan Pabon, who is currently at Monterrey.

During his time with Parma, Real Betis and Valencia, fans were always on the look-out for Pabon due to his pace and relative cheapness on Ultimate Team.

Now that he’s in Mexico not as many players on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team sign him, but his 92 pace on this card is bound to interest plenty of fans.

One of the other headline players is Teo Gutierrez, who doesn’t have pace but seems pretty well stocked in every other department.-Fifa 15 xbox 360 coins


FIFA 15 Gets a Team of the Week with No Player Rated over 80

Fifa 15 coins-The biggest and best football championships in the world are done for the season, but the development team at EA Sports is still delivering Team of the Week packages for the Ultimate Team mode.

This week the content does not include any players rated over 80 and no superstar like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, which will be a disappointment to fans.

Gamers who get the Team of the Week will get access to an attacking line made up of Adi and Goitom, with the developers switching tactics to a less attack minded 3-5-2.

The five-player midfield is designed to offer attack options and features the likes of Alvarez, Fernandez, Claesson, Garcia and Luis Carlos.

In defense, EA Sports has selected three men: Diaz, Isma Lopez and Kim Chi Woc.

The goalkeeper for the new Team of the Week is Kim Seung Cog.

There are also seven substitutes that gamers will get access to, but they are of even lower quality than the regulars.

It’s unclear whether EA Sports aims to continue to offer Team of the Week packages in the coming weeks and whether it will base them on the Copa America, which is starting this week or not.-Buy fifa 15 coins

FIFA 16: Why EA Sports Drop Support For Nintendo?

Cheap fifa 16 coins-By now you would have learned that EA Sports will not be bring the next installment of its popular FIFA franchise to Nintendo platform. That means no love for Nintendo Wii, Wii U or 3DS.

This marks the first time since 2000 that EA Sports will not be releasing FIFA on an Nintendo platform. Last year, EA released FIFA 15 on Nintendo 3DS and Wii but seems the company was not happy with sales figures.

The big question is why EA Sports has dropped support for Nintendo all entirely?

Sources close to the franchise told Full FIFA that Nintendo simply lacks minimum hardware requirements for gamers to fully enjoy FIFA 16 improve game play and graphics.

For the last few years Nintendo has lagged behind rivals Xbox and Playstation in terms of hardware improvements and graphics.

Sources also told us sales for FIFA on Nintendo consoles are so low that EA execs thinks its not even worth the effort.

But Nintendo is not the only platform get the cold shoulder from EA. FIFA 16 will also not be coming to Playstation vita handheld console for the same reasons the franchise abandoned Nintendo.

Perhaps this will be a cue for the Japanese video game maker to improve their consoles. Or is this the beginning of the end for Nintendo?-Cheap fifa coins


World Of Warcraft Hellfire Citadel’s Bosses Revealed By Blizzard

World of Warcraft’s Patch 6.2 will add a new raid called Hellfire Citadel. Today Blizzard provided full details on all 13 bosses players will encounter within the Iron Horde Fortress.

Hellfire Assault: The first encounter isn’t a singular boss. Instead, Hellfire Assault asks the raid to fight off waves of Iron Horde forces. They must then grab ammunition from destroyed vehicles and use it in nearby cannons to destroy the gates of Hellfire Citadel.

By defeating these bosses, players can get a range of new loot. The gear will range from item level 675-685 for Raid Finder difficulty to 735 for Mythic. Players can also find a new pet, the Corrupted Nest Guardian.

Patch 6.2 will also include a new questing zone, naval missions for garrisons, and a new difficulty level for dungeons. It also introduces weekend events, which include updated versions of low-level dungeons. Flying mounts, however, won’t be included. Blizzard hasn’t provided a release date for 6.2 yet but the patch is currently on the Public Testing Realm if you want to try out some of its features.