FIFA 16 Top Player Ratings 20-11-More Upgrades and Downgrades

The anticipation and excitement grows as EA Sports FIFA continues to release the top 50 player ratings for the 2016 season. For the 4th day in a row, gamers are gripping there controllers eager to see the next release. Yesterday, EA Sports released 10 more names with surprising upgrades and downgrades.

The most notable upgrades were City’s Kevin de Bruyne with a +3 86-rated card and ace defender Giorgio Chiellini gaining an astounding +3 87-rated card.

We got our hands on one of the next releases which is none other than Andres Iniesta. The Barcelona midfield maestro got a 1-point damper and much to the disappointment of gamers who feel he is superb in the middle. We also know Sergio Aguero receives 87 rating and Chelsea FC fans will be delighted to see that Cesc Fabregas has been given a big upgrade from an 85 to an 87.

Today, EA will release the players from 20-11 and then on Friday we can expect a mouthwatering top 10. We should all expect the usual names for that one such as Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, Ibrahimovic and more.       Buy Fifa 16 ps coins

World of Warcraft subscriber numbers dropping at record rate

It’s financial report season! Hooray! I may yet have cause to don the Gordon Gekko braces. It was mixed news from Activision’s quartlerly, though. While overall profit and revenue figures were stratospherically high-as you’d expect from the publisher of Hearthstone, Destiny and Heroes of the Storm-the report revealed poor old WoW is enduring its lowest subscriber base since 2006.

At an estimated 5.6 million players, it still boasts a larger population than Norway, Singapore, or New Zealand. But as recently as six months ago that number was around 10 million, bolstered by the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

The 44% dropoff in subsribers since then marks the fastest decline since the game was released back in 1918. Time really flies by, doesn’t it?

Activision are unlikely to be too worried about WoW’s recent decline, though. The combined user base of their Destiny, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm active communities is around 70 million players. Not bad, considering two of those three are F2P titles.

The upcoming Legion expansion may well inject a bit of life back in the old MMO, too. The beta’s due later this year-in the meantime, here’s everything we know about WoW’s Legion expansion.  Cheap Wow Gold Online

FIFA 16: Predicting Every Tottenham Player’s Rating

Tottenham Hotspur had a relatively positive Premier League 2014/15 campaign and finished in fifth place, just six points behind those coveted Champions League places. Essentially they did ‘a Tottenham’. Mauricio Pochettino’s side looked brilliant at times but couldn’t maintain their challenge for the top four, dropping points against Burnley, Stoke and Aston`Villa during the business end of last season.

FIFA-wise Tottenham represent a sturdy pair of hands who can do you proud against West Ham, Newcastle and Stoke but against the top teams they don’t represent enough quality for you to continuously challenge your mate who has gleefully selected Man United. Spurs’ big-game players such as Christian Eriksen, Hugo Lloris and (this year’s) Harry Kane will guarantee you some luxurious button-pressing on FIFA 16 but have the North London side improved enough during the summer transfer window to begin to compete with big boys?

Not really. On a whole Tottenham’s player ratings will definitely improve due to the number of young players who broke into the first team last season.Positive performances from Mason, Nacer Chadli and Danny Rose will give Pochettino’s side a boost alongside new signings, Toby Alderweireld and Clinton N’Jie but the lack of big spending this transfer window means Spurs will be continue to be the best of the non-elite sides.

This article will look at each player poised to be in Tottenham’s team next season and attempt to predict the rating that they will be given by EA Sports’ football brains. The algorithm being used takes the performances from last season combined with their FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) card from last term.   Fut 16 xbox one coins

New ‘Skyrim’ Mod Adds ‘World Of Warcraft’ Weapon Into The Game

The look of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and World of Warcraft are not all that different. Both games have a fantastical medieval feel to them, complete with quaint villages, characters cloaked in heavy armor and mystical creatures.

So it’s no surprise that someone would eventually bring a little WoW into Skyrim. A modder who goes by the name of johnskyrim has created a way to add a WoW weapon called Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful into Skyrim.

The weapon was inspired by the one found in the WoW expansion called Wrath of the Lich King. It is a reward in the Return of Quel’Delar quest chain. However, johnskyrim has made this Quel’Delar unenchanted so that players can give it whatever effect they want.

Skyrim is of course a game that’s almost as well known for its mods as it is its original gameplay. Users have created mods that do everything from adding disabled features back into the game to making the game look like a Pixar movie.

The thing about mods is they let you make the game your own, adding in features you like and changing up the ones you don’t. So if you want to make a Skyrim-WoW hybrid, have it. And even if you’re not a fan of WoW, johnskyrim assures you, “You don’t have to like World of Warcraft to use them!”   Best wow gold site

‘WildStar’ Now Testing Free-To-Play Features In Closed Beta Test

With WildStar transferring to a free-to-play model later this year, it is time for the new features of the game to be tested. The upcoming free-to-play features are now being tested in the game’s closed beta. Players with an existing WildStar account that have signed up to participate are eligible to test the content; however, not all will be admitted.

Currently, only active subscribers to WildStar can test the upcoming free-to-play changes in the closed beta. Carbine Studios will later open up the beta to more players including those that have “little to no experience with WildStar” to reach a bigger, more diverse sampling of those interested in the game. Interested players need to check out the summary of features expected to be presented during the closed beta on the official forums for more information.

Players will be able to instantly level up within the closed beta to test a multitude of features. A special vendor will also be available that offers players AMPs and high-level weapons and armor. Existing WildStar characters can also be copied to the closed beta test for those willing to test things with their characters and their items.

When WildStar transitions into being a free-to-play game, anyone will be able to download and play without spending any money. An optional subscription will still be available that will be called Signature service. Players that play the game for free are considered Free members while those that subscribe will be known as Signature players.

WildStar released in June 2014, and the free-to-play announcement was made in May 2015. Will its transition to being a free-to-play influence you to play?    Buy cheap wildstar gold online

Become a Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft’s next expansion

With the recent announcement that World of Warcraft subscriptions had fallen to their lowest point since 2005, it almost seemed like Gul’dan was up to his old tricks again, subverting Azeroth’s order and hoping to bring about its end. It turns out that instead he’s been trying to bring the Burning Legion back to the World of Warcraft. Judging by the latest trailers and details for Blizzard’s next expansion, Legion, he’s succeeded.

Along with a cinematic trailer that sets the scene for the tale to come, Blizzard has released a feature preview trailer of the new expansion. In it we can expect a new continent, called the Broken Isles, a new class of playable character called a Demon Hunter, new weapons, side-quests and of course an epic story to halt the progress of one of the greatest threats Azeroth has ever faced.

As a Demon Hunter, you begin the game at a much higher level than standard characters, letting you dive straight into some of the new content. They can be specialized in damage dealing or damage absorption, but all can transform into a powerful “fel form,” exhibiting speed, power and defensive abilities. The class is a direct callback to Illidan Stormrage, a night elf demon hunter who was introduced as a hero in Warcraft III before eventually becoming the big bad of WoW’s first expansion, Burning Crusade.

Blizzard has opened up Beta opt-ins for those that want to register their interest to try out the new continent and its features before anyone else. We’ve been told it will start before the end of the year, which would suggest an early 2016 release for Legion.    Buy cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft Subscribers Plummet

Blizzard have announced that World of Warcraft has seen a drop to 5.6 million subscribers, its lowest figure in a while.

This is 1.5 million lower than the 7.1 million people who were subscribed just a few months ago. That, too, was a steep drop from the 10.5 million people who were subscribed following the launch of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, which released last November. Warlords of Draenor marked the fifth expansion in the long-running MMORPG and featured an increased level cap of 100, eight new five-man dungeons and two new raids.

Blizzard are in Germany this week, where they’re expected to reveal the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft on August 6th, with a stream starting at 9am PDT. Dependent on the release date of said expansion, it could mark the shortest interval period between the release of two World of Warcraft expansions; indicative of the quality of Warlords of Draenor, perhaps?

Some fans have often called for World of Warcraft to adopt a free-to-play model, and a significant reduction in subscribers will only add greater pressure on Blizzard to do so.

Are you one of the 1.5 million who un-subscribed from World of Warcraft in recent months, and if so, what compelled you to do so?   Best Mmo Game Online

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team MLS All-Star Squad Revealed

EA Sports have announced the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team MLS All-Star squad, and the headline news is the blue cards for players like Sebastian Giovinco, Kaka, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

The MLS All-Stars will face Premier League side Tottenham tonight, and EA have decided to get in on the event with the squad getting their own blue cards on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

The stand-out player is without a doubt Giovinco, who has taken to life in America very well, scoring 13 goals and registering nine assists in 19 games this season.

His good form sees him rewarded with an 85 card: 98 pace, 95 dribbling, 92 passing and 85 shot, a very impressive FIFA 15 Ultimate Team card indeed.

Former Liverpool and Chelsea midfielders Gerrard and Lampard have been controversial inclusions in the squad, but they were hardly likely to be left out even though the latter is unlikely to feature due to injury.

Gerrard gets an 88 card with Lampard on 85, and both have high passing and shooting stats, something that helps make up for a lack of pace, which as we all know is key on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Ncredibly Obafemi Martins hasn’t been given 99 pace on his card, as he gets 98 pace as well as 88 shot which is going to make him a big favourite of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players.

Kaka and David Villa both have excellent cards, and the latter has been given a shot rating of 95 which is very impressive.

Up-front Robbie Keane, Clint Dempsey and Gyasi Zardes all star, with the first two boasting excellent shooting figures and the latter obviously having high pace.

Lastly we end with some more pace, because who doesn’t like pace, and the two stars are Ethan Finlay and Fabian Castillo, with pace of 94 and 96 respectively.    Best fifa 15 coins online

‘Warlords Of Draenor’ Patch 6.2 Hotfixes Update Includes Shipyard Upgrades And Garrison Resources

Blizzard has released new hotfix updates to “World of Warcraft” Patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire” on Monday. This includes a number of garrison buffs as well as shipyard upgrades.

Blizzard also mentioned that most of the updates will be made automatically, while some may require a realm restart before they go into effect.

Shipyard: Ships constructed at a Level 3 Shipyard should now always be Rare quality or better with an increased chance to be Epic quality.

All rare creatures and NPCs in Tanaan now have a chance to drop a number of equipment blueprints for ships.

Completing the first Draenor Heroic Dungeon of the day now awards 200 Garrison Resource (up from 50).

Bringing Down the Iron Horde: The daily quest now awards 100 Garrison Resource on completion (up from 50).

Demonslayer of Tanaan: The daily quest now awards 100 Garrison Resource on completion (up from 50).

Pressing the Attack: The daily quest now awards 150 Garrison Resource on completion (up from 0).  -Best MMO Game Online

WildStar is Getting a Class Stat System Overhaul

Carbine Studios, the makers of WildStar, have announced a new effort called Class Stat Refactoring for the game’s upcoming free-to-play transition.

In efforts to make player stats feel more rewarding and intuitive, the developer is improving the overall clarity and consistency of stats in the game to make sure they feel both balanced and fun.

As a result of their stat system overhaul, the game will see the implementation of a new and improved stats system that’s easier to pick up and understand for new players, while offering improved control and specialization options for veterans.

The game’s lead combat designer Stephen Engle goes into great detail about the player stat changes in a blog post.

When the free-to-play update goes live soon, there will be a total of six core stats, each of which serves a purpose to every class. Secondary stats will also be available for experienced players to figure out, allowing for more customization and control over individual playstyles than players have seen before. Wildstar Gold Online Sale