Bug Fixes and New Rosters Available in New FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Update for Windows Phones

The most recent updates for FIFA 15 brought new bug fixes for consoles and PCs. In addition, the new Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion clubs, Orlando City SC and New York City FC, were added to the game.

Though the mobile app hasn’t introduced the new clubs, there has been new features added to the game and bug fixes.

An update for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Windows and Windows Phone has just been released, and with it comes all the updated player rosters following the closure of the January transfer window for the big leagues in Europe, in addition to stability improvements to the connection of the app to EA servers.

The downloadable version for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team update for Windows and Windows Phone are located in the links below.Bug

EA FIFA 15 & FUT Servers Down – March 19, 2015

Update 2:00 AM EST: EA FIFA 15 servers are experiencing problems and several FUT players are once again frustrated by the lack of service. Late last night, EA had a scheduled maintenance which set a lot of gamers to bed unhappy.

Update 4:30 AM EST: Seems the complaints are down. Maybe servers down for a few people.

Update 11:00 AM EST: There has been a spike in complaints once again. EA fix your servers, please.

Update 2:30 PM EST: If you are still experiencing troubles accessing the server, SELL FIFA. There are reports that the EA is doing frequent maintenance to the servers to address the recent Price Range update.

Update 6:30 PM: Server issues persisting. A few people have complaints about accessing online gameplay on Xbox consoles.
Visit Downdetector to verify if there are other people facing the issue. Gamers in the UK, France, Australia and the US have reported technical difficulties signing on to the servers.

At the time of this publication several visitors to Full FIFA have reported that they are unable to play FIFA 15 online friendlies, seasons or Ultimate Team. One frustrated gamer stated “Its a joke i tried to play fifa 15 today and without even playing a game i was relegated and kept getting DNF messages.”

“The EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later,” is the message FIFA players are getting when trying to play online.

EA Sports FIFA twitter page has not formally reported the problem, but this persistent issue will sure deter players supporting the franchise.

Best FIFA goal ever? Player scores epic 35-yard scorpion strike with Paris Saint Germain against Chelsea

As if Chelsea v Paris Saint Germain matches didn’t have enough talking points this week, this happened…

Reddit user JohnE040 has shown off this sensational goal he scored on FIFA 15 for PSG against Chelsea in a friendly match.

From what was supposed to be a bit of a mess around on the game, Ezequiel Lavezzi’s corner was smashed in on the edge of the box with an impossible 35-yard scorpion kick. Scenes.

People are already calling it the best FIFA goal of all time, and on this evidence, it’s hard to disagree.

Orlando City Now Playable in FIFA 15

If youre a FIFA video game fan, then youve most likely seen my FIFA 15 updates here on this site. With all the guessing about when EA Sports would update the game to include Orlando City SC, I was hopeful that this years game would be updated.

However, after weeks of talks that there would be an update in February-and those updates never happening-I began to feel like it wouldnt happen.

BUT, out of the blue yesterday, word began to spread that Orlando City And New York City FC made their way into the game. Naturally I rushed to turn on my PS4 to finally play with Orlando on FIFA 15. (As a side note, I did get the Orlando City roster on my PC for FIFA 15, before my computer updated and the game stopped working.)

As I opened up the game and looked into the rosters, I was heartbroken to see that Orlando wasnt on the game. Naturally, I went to the internet and learned that Orlando is NOT on the next generation consoles yet (meaning PS4 and Xbox One). They only exist on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

For some reason, EA Sports put both expansion teams into the Rest of World section of the game, instead of into the MLS. Weird.

So, because I didnt have a last-gen version of the game, I called up one of my friends, who helped me out. He gave me a rundown of the ratings of all the players from the game. Some are surprising, and others are disappointing.

As you can see from this picture that my friend graciously took, some of the ratings are a bit surprising. The best surprise for Orlando fans is that Kevin Molino comes right out of the gate as a 67 overall. Original ratings from the game had him at a 49, so having him go up almost 20 is a nice thing to see. They also have Darwin Ceren at a 60 overall and as a starter, because they do not have Cristian Higuita on the roster yet. Rafael Ramos comes on as a 58 overall, which includes an 86 agility and 78 acceleration.

Meanwhile, on the bench, they have Josh Ford at a 58, Estrela at a 56, Eric Avila at a 64, Martin Paterson at a 64, Seb Hines at a 65, Carlos Rivas at a 64, Lewis Neal at a 60, Pedro Ribiero at a 61, Tyler Turner at a 56, Sean St. Ledger with the second best defender rating, at a 67, Tony Cascio at a 63, Tally Hall at a 67, Harrison Heath at 50 and Danny Mwanga at a 61.

With all of this said, the biggest disappointment in this update is Bryan Rochez. The young Designated Player is listed as the worst player on the Orlando City roster. Harrison Heath even has a one point advantage over him in ratings. Its only a matter of time before these ratings get updated, but Rochez needs to prove over the next few weeks, that he deserves better than a 49 overall.

For now, if you own a PS3 or Xbox 360, then Im jealous of you. Hopefully the folks with the next-gen consoles will get an update in the next few days. If there are any updates to FIFA 15, stay tuned to this space and well tell you about it. This story will be updated with any news that comes out over the next few days.

Until then, to all you last-gen gamers: enjoy the fun! I envy you.

Harry Kane reveals that he wishes he was rated higher in FIFA 15

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has told Sport magazine that he believes he should be rated slightly higher on FIFA 15.

Kane, 21, who has been a revelation this season for Spurs, received the biggest stat jump of any gold player during the FIFA 15 winter update, going from 68 to 77 but the forward isn’t satisfied.

Speaking to Sport he said that he plays FIFA a lot and that the main area he thinks his stats need a boost in the physical department, saying that he has done a lot of work during pre-season to boost his strength and speed.

The striker, who has scored 24 goals in all competitions this season also said that he felt his finishing could do with a boost.

“I play FIFA and Madden a lot,” said Kane.

“I play as Tottenham quite a bit on FIFA and I always put myself on. Hopefully my stats might have gone up a bit!”

Kane is a rarity in that he is a player who completely caught game developers by surprise with his performance this season.

He initially was mainly used as a cup striker at the start of the season but soon his performances saw him work his way into the first-team and he hasn’t looked back since.

He played for the full 90 minutes during the Capital One Cup final but he was unable to have an impact on the game as Spurs lost 2-0 to Chelsea.

Jordon Ibe FIFA 15 update for Liverpool FC

Earlier this week we spoke about the fact that EA has yet to put Martin Odegaard into Real Madrid’s squad on FIFA 15 FUT, despite the player having made an official move in the transfer window.

Now, we wanted to speak about another player that has seemingly been forgotten about – rising Liverpool FC star Jordon Ibe.

If you have been following this player closely in recent months, you’ll know that he went on loan to Championship side Derby County.

EA acknowledged this by transferring his FUT card over to Derby Country. However, Liverpool has now recalled the player as of the January transfer window and he has been playing for Liverpool’s first team for a number of weeks.

He’s had a great impact on the team as well and is now the subject of talk all over social media. EA are usually so efficient when it comes to player transfers, so it’s strange to see that Jordon Ibe is still a Derby Country player on FIFA 15 as it stands.

Has EA simply forgotten about this player and that he should be back in Liverpool’s squad? On top of that, there’s now the argument that he deserves a much better rating than the 67 card that he currently has at the moment.

A 70 card would be fair in our opinion, but then again EA are pretty strict when it comes to upgrading players – we haven’t seen enough of Ibe perhaps.

What we do want to see though is a Jordon Ibe FIFA 15 update which acquires the official face of the player. Right now, it’s not in the game as you can see from our images above.

Are you surprised that Ibe is still playing for Derby County and not Liverpool?

FIFA 15 Players Will Have 600 Emotions

We’re just a couple short months away from the release of FIFA 15, the newest installment in the popular soccer sim series by EA Sports. One of the developer’s highest priorities this year is the realism of players and interactions. To that end, the developers have added 600 different emotional player animation responses to the game. This is an incredible amount of variety. Different actions on the fields and different outcomes will spawn different player reactions, and as the game evolves, player responses will mirror what is taking place. This will give FIFA 15 “emotion and intensity.”

Even fans in the stands will have more personality, singing songs which actually fit with the teams and players they are backing. They will do elaborate cheers based on real-life cheers, and will respond intelligently and uniquely to the action on the soccer field.

With improvements like these, FIFA 15 is destined to be one of the most popular games of the year, and the best game in the FIFA franchise yet! When does FIFA 15 come out? You will be able to buy FIFA 15 on September 23rd in the US and September 26th in the UK. Don’t want to wait until release date to put in your order? Good idea! You can pre-order FIFA 15 now. Doing so will lock in your price, guarantee you will be playing FIFA 15 on the day it is released, and give you access to 15 free ultimate team packs!

FIFA 15 Eriksen MOTM review with amazing dribbling

You may not be aware, but TOTY and TOTW FIFA 15 cards are not the only special events that have been ongoing in the game recently. EA has now started to offer FIFA 15 MOTM cards for FUT as well, the latest one being the Christian Eriksen MOTM card for Fifa 15 Ultimate Team. Build your dream team needs a lot of fifa coins, click to visit the best fifa 15 coins supplier here.

EA has based these cards on recent performances by a player in a cup competition. In Eriksen’s case, he had a great game against Sheffield United in the League Cup, so now he’s available with a special rating.

The important thing to note though, is that he will only be available for 24 hours! This timer has been ongoing since Wednesday evening, so EA will remove this card from FUT Gold packs at midnight on Thursday UK time.

The special rating boosts Eriksen to an 85 overall rating, compared to his default rating of 83. More importantly, his dribbling is now amazing with EA giving him an 87 dribble stat, combined with 88 free kick accuracy.

FIFA 15: Five Premier League players that need upgrading

The annual winter upgrades approach us very soon, so we thought that EA Sports could use some help in deciding which criminally underrated players deserve a well deserved FIFA 15 boost.

This list in particular deals with the Premier League players whose ratings don’t justify their real life performances, or perhaps they’ve shown so much improvement since the beginning of the season that their current overall doesn’t reflect their new found form. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of candidates for this reward.

Each year EA Sports releases a set of January upgrades, and even then there are some debatable inclusions and exclusions from the final bunch.

But this year we won’t let our favourite underrated players go unnoticed!

And so judging by this season so far, GiveMeSport’s Matt Solomon’s has chosen a number of Premier League stars who he would like to see upgraded in FIFA 15…

FIFA 15 Tops UK’s 100 Bestselling Games of 2014 List

Chart-Track and UKIE have released a list of the top 100 selling videogames of 2014, and FIFA 15 sees itself at the top of the list to the surprise of absolutely no-one. FIFA 14 even makes an appearance, only six spots off the top.

The chart takes into account physical copies of games sold and – we’re told – no bundled copies, so the likes of Sunset Overdrive appearing way down at #53 in the list isn’t really surprising, either. Minecraft: Xbox Edition makes a strong showing at #6, while Destiny is the highest-placed new IP of the year, charting in the #4 position. Titanfall gears up at #12, while Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare makes a strong showing at #20, one spot ahead of Forza Horizon 2.