EA Sports Boosts Tim Cahill’s Rating in FIFA 15

The other week, we saw the top player rankings released for FIFA 15. Amid the usual arguing about ratings assigned, there was a particular outcry by fans on the behalf of New York Red Bulls midfielder Tim Cahill. EA Sports had assigned the Socceroos star’s rating as just 69. Tim Cahill is actually featured on the cover of the Australian edition of FIFA 15, and is one of the brand’s ambassadors. Gamers, furious about his low rating, launched a deluge of complaints at EA, stating that the decision was “disrespectful,” “a disgrace,” “disgusting,” and other words which we probably shouldn’t type here. Some gamers even threatened to boycott FIFA 15.

We still don’t why EA made the initial decision it did. Having hunted around, we haven’t found much in the way of comment from the publisher—except an excuse which may or may not have any truth in it. EA claims they never rated Cahill with a 69, and that the number in question was “pulled from a resource without access to final FIFA 15 data.”

The statement is a bit strange, since the word “final” suggests that at some point they were considering giving Cahill a 69. Regardless of the details, they have listened to their players and have boosted Tim Cahill’s rating from 69 up to 74. This is only partially satisfactory, and in some ways still seems to be an insult. Why? Last year, Cahill rated a 75. Players with ratings of 75 and above are considered “gold cards,” in the FIFA games. While EA has boosted Cahill’s rating, they have not returned him to gold card status.

Do you think EA was being deliberately misleading with their vague statement, or that the 69 rating really was just a false rumor? Are you angry that Cahill still doesn’t rate a 75? Vent your frustrations in the comments below. Be sure and check out the Top 50 player list if you haven’t yet to see where all of your favorite stars rank.

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The Christmas and New Year holiday season is too close and it wouldn’t be justified if there are no special advertisements to mark the occasion.

Every retailer and developer has started pushing their products, so as to excite people into buying it. And, it wouldn’t be the best without some great gaming is what the people at Microsoft and Electronic Arts think.

The all new FIFA 15 promo featuring Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard is out now that showcases both the stars playing a game of soccer on the Xbox One console. It’s not the best trailer in recent times but you would definitely enjoy watching it through. But, the big news is not about the promo, but more about the special offer that is being introduced to gamers. The Christmas special edition of the game comes with special features, additional content and bonus goodies that make the purchase an enticing offer to go with.

Head on Head Match

In the promo video, Messi goes against Hazard and the match between Barcelona and Chelsea is really intense. But, the commentators and the cheer people are completely different in the video, because, instead of real people or coaches, it is the gingerbread man as well as snow cupcakes that cheer both players into scoring goals. Both of them play intensely, in the FIFA 15 game, of course, and each tries to win over the other.

However, as both of them are equally good and also in order to avoid any controversy, the ad ends with Messi and Hazard scoring an equal. Both of them score one goal each and the match ends as a tie. So, maybe it’s time for a goal kick in the next advertisement or something new, we don’t know yet. The game looks cool and EA says this is the season to play it.

Goodies Coming up

The holiday special deluxe edition of FIFA 15 comes bundled with FIFA points that players could spend to improvise their Ultimate Team. It also includes a newly adorned Messi as an FUT player, who will be open for you to pick up for up to five games, as well as the catalog items from the EA Sports football club. There’s an Adidas sponsored stars team, besides more goodies to look into, in this pack. However, you will be able to get the deluxe edition of FIFA 15 only through an online download.

How to build FIFA Team via Buying FIFA 15 Coins

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FUT United came this weekend which has incredible prize to be won. There are no more details and FIFA 15 fans now are all curious about the coming FUT united and have a hot discussion.

The original twitter is that “FUT United returns this weekend. Incredible prize to be won” with a picture. The FIFA 15 FUT United lasts from Nov 14 to Nov 16, just this weekend. Players are all wondering what is it and what effects the FUT Unite may probably bring?

Some FIFA fans who have played before reply that the FIFA 15 FUT United maybe just like the event hosted in FIFA 13, while not sure for100% but there must be some similarities.Besides, other players comment that FIFA 15 FUT Unite maybe similar to the contest of FIFA 14. All called FUT United, but 13 and 14 are quite different.

Winners of FUT United prizes will be randomly chosen from the eligible entries.
While the event in FIFA 14 is different that you just have to win a game between a certain time, or maybe a tournament and you will automatically be entered into having a chance of winning prizes like 1M FIFA 14 coins or a Tickets to a BPL Fixture. No happy hour followed.

So in FUT United of FIFA 15, it’s possible that you win one game and have the chance to win the prize which includes may involve tickets covering all fees for near big match and more than 1M FIFA 15 coins. Anyway EA announced that the prize is incredible.

About the coming FUT United, what effect it may result is another heated topic. Not knowing what the purpose of this event is, FIFA players wonder if this event will make the price of FIFA 15 coins change since more packs possibly available then. They expect the price of IF to drop. Someone suggest that it is most likely a good idea to sell any expensive NIFs you have right now and you will be able to buy them again for cheaper soon. For this, maybe you can try.

Anyway, we will see what’s going on in FIFA 15 FUT United soon. No matter what it will be, you need to win a game in FIFA 15 is a must.

Xtmmo.net Tips on how to Protect Strongly in FIFA 15

When you are captivated with participating in FIFA 15 and wish to buy FIFA 15 coins xbox one and get a good deal more matches, then you really need to strengthen your guarding talents. That is definitely as even if you might be proficient at attacking enjoy like ‘through ball’, ‘finishing’, ‘free kicks’ and so on., you will not plan to drop 5:four, but instead win two: or one:.

So give far more concentrate on defending form of perform than attacking, however , you should to get sufficiently good to score plans to start with due to the fact that this tips is about protecting and do not ever attacking.

Safe guarding Sort of Participate in that you simply have to master:
Stand your ground and allow the opponent make mistake. If you decide to stand it his path and do not offer you him any area to function, he might carry out a skipped go or he’s capable to pressure and shoot early. This does not signify you ought to only stand still and do not much by any means, but alternatively you would like to buy FUT 15 coins and anticipate the opposite person’s transfer producing your progress to make use of the street of road to his operate – FIFA 15 Coins, Buy Cheap FUT 15 Coins Online With Fast Delivery – Xtmmo.net.

After the attacker is shut for you, press B (Notice: strategies pointed out shown listed here will not be keyboard configurations, but xbox 360 controller secrets, so use applicable tricks that you just merely arrange for your keyboard) to tackle, listed here the timing is crucial. He has to show up at the most efficient distance to assist make the tackle. Should you be new and do not ever selected within the timing and all the things, then tap B like two to three instances at any time when your opponent is close for you.

You’ll be able to request other defender or player near to you to surely buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and join you in defending by urgent B and holding it. You’ll need to undertake rid of it previously your attacker has in your neighborhood, in any other case the gamer in your town will not be getting quite a lot of time to block the attacker. Utilize this moderately, seeing that you’re making some open up areas by calling other avid gamers in your town and as soon as you need to make this happen wrongly, you can buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and invest the cash for price, since the opponent could possibly use that open up space to pass through or go in the direction of your greatest aim.

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Football is a standout among the most energizing sports ever. It is an equitably short diversion that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the most recent moment of the amusement. Mmobays FIFA fans do not wait for tournaments just to be indulged with their thrilling sessions. There are characteristic diversions offering fun in surge sessions that you can grant to your footballer friendlies in the neighborhood.

An interchange technique for grabbing FIFA 15 Ultimate gathering Fifa Coins PC is to play all around the season. Aside from those coins given after every redirection, if the player plays and completes a season, coins are adjusted. For this, the player earns a higher amount than that amount gained per game, but still lower compared on a general level.

Now for an amount higher than simply playing games or seasons, winning a number of tournaments allows a player to have a bigger amount of FIFA 15 Ultimate team coins. A player just gets this prize if that player wins the last match. That is why winning tournaments deserves your attention; give your best all the way till the end. Despite the coins ensured in the wake of winning this, one may also get packs.

Players have their points of interest in gaming and these are spoken to as cards. The focal points may incorporate the player’s responsibility for, players and staffs for subtle elements. You require cash to procure these advantages, and additionally you can exchange these resources for expansion your offset of coins.

Furthermore for the last methodology, a player gets cheapest FIFA 15 coins through trading, trading real money for it. This is the most straightforward existing methodology to manufacture an astounding squad you by and large wish for, yet this should be done with several protections for your security. There are numerous individuals offering FIFA 15 coin on account of the developing impact of this gaming. One has to be careful with transacting business with these sellers. Pick what number of coins you will need and battle over the web or on sources that you have, demand referrals, especially with the degree of expense.

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FIFA 15 Winning Streak Continues

FIFA 15 proved its resilience again as the soccer sim’s run atop of the UK all-format chart entered its fifth week. Publisher Electronic Arts has taken 18 number one spots this year already, nearly double what it achieved in the entirety of 2013.

Further down, the acclaimed Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 enters at seventh place. Due to the Wii U’s small install base in the UK, seventh place during a busy period may be considered a success by Nintendo. In December, the flagship Wii U game of 2013, Super Mario 3D World, debuted at 14th place in the chart.

Elsewhere in the charts the furniture has shuffled. The Evil Within drops to third, Destiny climbs to forth, Shadow of Mordor slips to fifth, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel falls to sixth, Forza Horizon 2 dips to eighth, Alien: Isolation tumbles to ninth, while Skylanders Trap Team rises to tenth.

The most notable change is the 82 percent boost in sales for Minecraft: Playstation Edition, bouyed by strong sales of the PS4 version, and ascending to second place.

Elsewhere, new PC entry Civilization: Beyond Earth enters at eighteenth, though the charts do not yet measure digital downloads.

The UK top-ten chart follows:

1: FIFA 15
2: Minecraft: PlayStation Editions
3: The Evil Within
4: Destiny
5: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
6: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
7: Bayonetta 2
8: Forza Horizon 2
9: Alien: Isolation
10: Skylanders Trap Team

Characters of Warcraft Updated – Velen and Khadgar

The Lore section of our game guide has been updated with two new entries on the Characters of Warcraft page: Velen and Khadgar!

Velen is a staunch defender of the Draenei, and has guided his people in the struggle against the Burning Legion for thousands of years. Now he’s facing a much more immediate threat – the Iron Horde.

Khadgar saw the Iron Horde’s intentions for Azeroth when Nethergarde Keep fell. Now he is determined to stop their assault before it’s too late, and is leading the charge into the Dark Portal, as he did in the past.

Their fates intertwined, Velen and Khadgar are willing to sacrifice much to ensure the safety of their people. Can they triumph over the Iron Horde? Or will they fall to a foe more dangerous than any they’ve encountered before?

We invite you to learn more about these characters and the pivotal role they play in Warlords of Draenor.

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Review Roundup for FIFA 15

You already know what we think of FIFA 15, but what about the rest of the web? We took a look at reviews on the major gaming news sites. Here are the

summaries of what the critics are saying:


? GameSpot: 8/10. GameSpot’s review for FIFA 15 was very positive, indicating that this is an exciting and entertaining installment in the franchise.

? CVG: 9/10. CVG loved FIFA 15, while still recognizing some of its flaws. They note that the game is not completely realistic, and complain that the Finesse

Shot is worse than ever. Nonetheless, they say “FIFA 15 is the best game of football around,” and praise the evolution of EA’s game engine.

? Game Informer: 9.25/10. These guys love FIFA 15 too, saying that the game “takes the series into a whole other level with gameplay that betters the

surmounting hype that threatened to engulf it.” The Game Informer critic adds that one of the biggest improvements is the level of control over the ball,

which is more exacting than ever.

? IGN: 8.3/10. IGN also gave FIFA 15 a positive review, stating that a number of worthwhile improvements have given the game a new edge, but “its flaws stand

out all the more” in light of these improvements, since the contrast has become more dramatic. “In some ways it’s a step forward, in others a step back.”

? The Sixth Axis: 9/10. These folks gave FIFA 15 a great review, saying, “FIFA 15 is not quite the great leap forward that many would have hoped for but it’s

a bigger jump than it initially appears to be.” This review actually is one we particularly agree with. One reason that a lot of gamers may feel initially

that the changes are not that tremendous is because they have to relearn the ropes for many elements of the game, which can be frustrating. Once you do,

though, as The Sixth Axis points out, the changes “ultimately make for a more realistic game of football. There’s more nuance, more fidelity in the tactical


? GamesRadar: 4.5/5. These folks stated they wished that more emphasis had been put on gameplay and less on presentation, but were still impressed.


? Metro: 7/10. Metro praised the presentation improvements for FIFA 15, but lamented overpowered goalkeepers and said they wished more attention had been

given to the single player mode. It was clear that despite the 7/10, they wanted more out of the game.

? Eurogamer: 7/10. This was one of the lowest ratings we found as well. Eurogamer was also not as thrilled as most other news outlets. They stated, “EA can

quite fairly claim to have again delivered the best football game ever made. But every year the developers seem to have less of an idea what that means.”

So on the whole, the reviews have been glowing (as they should be!), with only a few detractors, and even those outlets had to admit that there is a lot to

appreciate in FIFA 15. Which critics do you agree with and disagree with? What are your big complaints about FIFA 15? What features do you like best? Share

with us in the comments below. And if you haven’t tried FIFA 15 yet, buy it and get in on the action!

One play and its aftermath fairly summarize the subtle distinction of FIFA 15 from

One play and its aftermath fairly summarize the subtle distinction of FIFA 15 from the five-year run of best-in-class offerings that preceded it.

It was beyond the 90th minute in a match between FC Barcelona, one of the best teams in the game, and Tottenham Hotspur, under my frantic direction. We’d given up a goal at the end of the first half and now I was looking at a 1-0 loss. I sent the entire team into an all-out attack.

Then the miracle happened. Not only did it look like one, it felt like one.

My goalkeeper scooped up an indifferent Barcelona shot and boomed the ball well past midfield. Federico Fazio chest-trapped it and, in one motion, turned and lobbed a soft ball to Emmanuel Adebayor, steaming in from the left. The striker headed it into the back of the net past the bewildered defenders and a frozen goalkeeper. It must have taken less than 10 seconds, start to finish.