To whet your appetite for the eagerly anticipated season finale, here are some interesting facts pertaining to the encounters involving the sides desperately trying to secure their survival.

Hamburger SV have picked up an average of 1.3 points per game against the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League participants, but even a victory over FC Schalke 04 may not be enough to stay up should VfB Stuttgart beat SC Paderborn 07 and Hannover 96 and SC Freiburg draw with one another.

Hertha Berlin need just a point to ensure they don’t slip into the bottom three on the final day. Since Pal Dardai took over the capital city side have picked up 17 points in 14 games, but are the only side who boast a longer active winless streak (six games) than opponents TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (three games).

Freiburg are yet to lose an away game against a direct rival in the relegation battle this season, while their hosts on Saturday, Hannover, are without victory on home soil in their last eight outings in front of their own fans.

Neither Hannover (1974, 1976, 1986 and 1989), nor Freiburg (1997, 2002 and 2005) have ever been relegated due to their results on the final day of the season. Their combined seven relegations have all been set in stone before Matchday 34.

Following their 1-0 loss to Schalke last weekend, Paderborn dropped into 18th place for the first time in their short Bundesliga history at the most inopportune time considering that the side in last place heading into the final Matchday has always ended up playing in the Bundesliga 2 the following season.

SC Paderborn 07 have picked up 17 of a possible 27 points in their encounters with Hertha, Freiburg, Hannover, Stuttgart and Hamburg (five wins, two draws, two losses). Stuttgart haven’t fared much worse against the same teams collecting 16 points (four wins, four draws, one loss).

WildStar Money Making Guide – How To Make Easy Money

WildStar is fun, WildStar is cool, but WildStar doesn’t let you have the luxury of being filthy rich.

In fact, most of us will be broke or hand-to-mouth during majority of the times, because the system is built in such a way, not to mention there are plenty of seductive extras which you could be sinking your money into.

Yes, we’re talking about the in-game currency, and while some of this might apply to your real wallet under specific circumstances, we’re strictly basing our statements on how difficult it is to be financially strong and carefree in WildStar.

A large part of it is due to rather poor management from our own selves.

Of course this is a guy, and you want to enjoy every aspect of it, but sometimes enjoying everything robs you of unhindered financial development, in which case you need to look towards better understanding and tough choices.

It is actually possible to earn more and spend less in WIldStar till a time comes where you have a healthy gross profit that is enough for you to enjoy having a House, enjoy your time Crafting, and indulge in ridiculously overpriced auctions of vital gear.

Here’s a few tips and suggestions you should seriously consider if you want to get into the habit of making money easier. This isn’t some magic little exploit, but just a few daily habits you could adopt to make your financial WildStar lifestyle better.

Avoid Crafting
Any RPG player will know that crafting is one expensive skill to practice regularly. It’s not the direct investment that will financially cripple you, but the amount of money you’ve missed out making because of the crafting.

If you don’t craft, you don’t miss out on opportunity costs.

During your mob slaying and adventures, you’ll come across a lot of crafting material and loot. Most of the stuff you’ll gather will be expendable, and if you’re into crafting that will probably mean salvaging it.

Salvaging gives you no benefits other than the crafting material extracted from it – you could instead be selling the loot you don’t require to vendors and on the Auction House for extra gold.

While the AH is a bit of a gamble and it may or may not sell, selling to the vendor regularly will certainly keep your wallet somewhat full.

Get the Gatherer Tradeskills
One neat little trick is to avoid crafting, but utilize the associated Tradeskills or professions to acquire additional crafting items.

The Survivalist and Mining Tradeskills will generally double the amount of meat/ores you acquire from animals and nodes, and also improve the speed at which you can gather wood.

All these things would in the ideal and rich world be perfect for your crafting practices, but we’re not living in an ideal or rich world, so instead of utilizing these materials for crafts, simply sell them away to bag some extra coin. These things certainly won’t sell for as much as other loot would, but when you’re saving up every penny tends to count, right?

Selling them to the vendors might not be the brightest idea though; instead, try selling these on the Commodity Exchange, which is just an Auction House specifically meant from gathering materials.

At launch the demand of these materials should inflate quite a bit, in which case you could earn good money from all your hard work. Investment for the future, buddy.

Take Advantage of the Auction House and Commodity Exchange
If you’re not entirely willing to exclusively rely on loot and gathering material from the gameplay, you can rely on them from the Auction House and CX. Now buying stuff from AH/CX may sound counter-intuitive, but it can actually give you profits if you’re clever about it.

For this, you’ll need a bit of know-how regarding how much certain things sell for to the vendor. Currently there is no “minimum price” in the AH/CX, which means sometimes you can come across things that are actually available for less than the price they would sell for to the vendor.

For example, a certain armor or gathering material is available for 10 gold, but to the vendor it would sell for 14. In that case you should buy the item, then go in game and sell it to the vendor.

Result: you get a profit of 4 gold.

It might be a bit slower than looting from mobs, but if you can get certain things in bulks, such as gathering materials, you could actually land a sizeable profit with this practice and call yourself the new Steve Jobs.

Avoid Repairing and Upgrades from the AH
Not repairing your things might sound like risky business, but if you’re midway through your questing phase (which you probably are) you’ll almost certainly be getting an upgrade in every quest. In that case repairing just becomes a money sink, especially when you are leveling up.

Similarly, you don’t want to be spending on gear in the AH – it’s very tempting and I’ve done it myself quite a bit, but unless you’ve reached level 50 and for some reason haven’t managed to acquire top-quality gear, buying from the AH below level 50 is useless.

The only real benefit it’ll give you is help in leveling a lot faster, but we’re not here to level fast – we’re here to earn more money.

Of course there are exceptions: if you have abysmal gear and find yourself dying a lot (which itself is chewing up your wallet), then consider spending a small portion so you can at least farm without the risk of becoming a dead body from time to time.

Complete the Quests in your Zones
If you plan on making money, then you shouldn’t be simultaneously planning on leveling up fast, because the two conflict each other in many ways. One was it how you handle quests.

In almost all the zones you’ll reach a level cap after which the zone becomes insignificant and you can move to the next one if you’re looking to level fast.

That’s not the case when you’re making money though – even if you have reached the level cap and the zone has no real progressive benefits to you, try completing the remaining quests. Quests themselves don’t give you too much money on their own, but when combined with the amount of slaying and looting you do it can sum up to be a pretty healthy profit.

Challenges are your worst enemy if you’re looking to level up fast, but your best friends when you’re looking to earn money. They can unnecessarily consume time, but time is investment and money, both figuratively and literally.

Gear from your challenges reward may seem attractive at first, but these will be quickly replaced as long as you’re progressing like any normal person, so ignore them and instead pick things like décor and larger bags.

FIFA 15 Delivers Another Batch of Great Goals of the Week – Mmobeys.com

One reason for the long-term success of FIFA 15 might be the fact that gamers are still discovering new and interesting ways to use the core mechanics of the game to create great goals, some of which would be very hard if not impossible to replicate in the real world.

The new set of player created moments delivered by the team at EA Sports also benefits from the soundtrack, which is Spark To Start created by The Spitfires.

The Goals of the Week footage also shows that players can create cool gameplay situations using a variety of players and the particular skills of each of them.

At the moment EA Sports is continuing its long-term effort to keep gamer interest in FIFA 15 high.

The studio is making sure that star players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, have affordable prices and it is also introducing more ways to earn coins that can be spent in the Ultimate Team mode.

But the company is also getting close to the moment when FIFA 16 will be officially announced.

Madden NFL 16 recently was shown off via a high-profile cover vote, won by Odell Beckham Jr.

A similar strategy might be followed for FIFA 16, culminating in the reveal of a gameplay focused video.

Blizzard Drops Ban Hammer on Popular World of Warcraft Bot

Blizzard has issued temporary bans to a large number of World of Warcraft players for using bots.

In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, community manager Josh Allen (AKA Lore) confirmed the company had recently taken action against a large number of accounts that were found to be using third-party programs that automate gameplay.
One of the popular bots that has been cracked down on is HonorBuddy, which runs around collecting honour in PvP without actually engaging anyone. This requires no input from the player.

HonorBuddy claims to have over 200,000 registered users. On its forum, multiple users have said they received an e-mail from Blizzard specifying the ban will last six months.

Were committed to providing an equal and fair playing field for everyone in World of Warcraft, said Blizzard.

We will continue to take action against those found in violation of our Terms of Use. Cheating of any form will not be tolerated.

Bashiok, another World of Warcraft community manager, further clarified on Twitter that any program that automates the playing of WoW is considered to be breaking Blizzards terms of use.

Blizzard previously won a lawsuit against a World of Warcraft bot company for $7 million.

Outside of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is gearing up to launch a new MOBA called Heroes of the Storm, which is pitched as a competitive online game in the same vein as League of Legends or DotA 2, but said to be more approachable.

It is also working on a team-based shooter called Overwatch, which it has described as a pick-up-and-play FPS. Find out more about the game in GameSpots in-depth report on Overwatchs characters and gameplay.

FIFA 15 TOTS Guide:Top 5 BPL Midfielders

Who are the best 5 (non-inform) BPL midfielders in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT 15)? This top 5 list consists the best 5 midfielders on the LM/CDM/CM/CAM/RM spot.

1.Eden Hazard: This player is unbelieveable. He is in my opinion the most useful winger in the game because of his great pace and good all-round shooting. He is able to surprise you by his outstanding dribbling and he feels almost as good as Cristiano Ronaldo.

2.David Silva: He has the highest rating according our database behing Hazard. He is not my ideal left midfielder because of his lack of pace, but he can be used to give good over the top through passes or you can use him to give assists from the wings.

3.Angel di Maria: The Manchester United player has adapted his playing style (and language) to Manchester United and now he is used as a CAM by Louis van Gaal. He does a great job there, but I prefer him on the wings, because I think that there is no need for a lot of pace on the CAM spot. He is a good dribbler, pacer and he has OK finishing.

4.Yaya Toure: He is such a beast. He is the No.1 BPL midfielder I would buy for the CM/CDM spot. He can’t be pulled off the ball, because of his 90 physical. Secondly, he can score goals and he has really good defending stats.

5.Mesut?zil: He is in this list because of his fifth highest overall rating, but I have to say that he doesn’t deserve a place him. His shooting is really bad and he isn’t that fast. His strong point is his passing, but I think that you have a lot of players who are cheaper than him that suits better in your squad.

Messi magic earns new FIFA 15 MOTM 96 card

Lionel Messi has once again stolen the headlines in the last 24 hours, helping Barcelona defeat Bayern Munich, with Messi scoring two key goals.

Thanks to this, EA has acknowledged the little genius once again by giving FIFA 15 players the chance to pick up an extremely rare Messi 96 MOTM card for FIFA 15 FUT.

This card has some unbelievable stats, as it’s actually the same rating as Messi’s last in-form card that EA gave him. Just to remind you, these stats include a 98 for Dribble, 96 for Pace, 94 for Shooting and 99 for Finishing.

Only Messi’s team of the year card is better than this one, so it really is worth opening those premium gold packs if you have been saving up.

As far as we’re aware, only one person has managed to get one of these beauties in a pack, while we can see that on the FIFA 15 transfer market, this card is going for around 2.2 million coins.

Good luck trying to get one and let us know if you get lucky. Is this Messi card better than the Ronaldo cards in FIFA 15?

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Beta Access Offered by ArenaNet

You are in luck if you are currently playing Guild Wars 2, and if you are not then this might be the right time to start playing!

I say that because ArenaNet is pulling the community into playing the game by tying in access to a new Heart of Thorns beta with an in-game activity.

As of today, Maguuma Wastes are going to bring you portals to the closed beta, all you need to do is loot the specific item:

Starting tomorrow, April 28, heroes adventuring in the Maguuma Wastes have a chance to find a mysterious portal to the heart of the Maguuma Jungle. Looting one of these special trophy items grants you access to the next Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns PvE closed beta event!

Moreover, the developers have explained that the portals will not be required for claiming your entry to the beta meaning that it wouldn’t matter even if they get misplaced or devoured somehow. The item you looted is the key, as soon as you loot the item, you are in!

For a limited time only, rare portals will drop from enemies in Dry Top and the Silverwastes. Portals can’t be traded between players, so bring your friends along to hunt for their very own! Don’t worry if your portal gets misplaced in a sandstorm or devoured by a passing ravager; beta access will be flagged upon looting the item, and it’s not required to claim participation.

If there is anything else that you need to know about the Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns beta, ArenaNet have also set up a dedicated FAQ section on their website, here it is.

Update Brings Apple Watch Support to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

EAs free-to-play soccer game FIFA 15 Ultimate Team [Free] has been updated with Apple Watch support in anticipation of the wearables release later this week. Watch-specific features include tracking the transfer statuses of your five most coveted players, including instant notifications. In other words: in less than a week, youll be able to strap a small computer to your wrist and use it to buy and sell virtual athletes like chattel. The future is here, and the future is weird if you think about it too long.

In news not related to the impending cyberpunk sea change, the latest FIFA 15 update includes updates to the games match simulation and allows players to re-do tutorials if needed. Lastly, FIFA 15 now has new tactical options for building the best team out of the ragtag bunch of player cards youve unlocked, including new tooltips to let you know if some un-used reservist should be put in the starting 11.

If youre not familiar, Ultimate Team is a long-running mode in FIFA games that involves building a team out of players obtained from random card packs. Its one thing to get 11 warm bodies on the pitch, but each player has certain preferences: they may like certain formations more than others or feel more comfortable with teammates from their home country.

The mode was first introduced as a downloadable mode on consoles in FIFA 09 but has grown to become the de facto standard mode for competitive play, complete with its own cheating scandals, third-party re-sellers, and, of course, a mobile app.

Interested in the beautiful game on the go? Check out our review and free-to-play guide. Oh, and do take a minute to consider where youll be when the cyborg revolution comes for you-the Apple Watch will hit store shelves on Friday.

Carolina Medical Center distinguished by FIFA

Carolina Medical Center has been awarded a FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence title. The prestigious certificate was handed over by doctor Michel D’Hooghe, Chairman of FIFA’s Medical Committee, during a ceremony in Warsaw on 16 April 2015.

The FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence certificate is a sign of recognition for the competence of Carolina Medical Center and its personnel. FIFA has recognised that the clinic has top qualifications in the area of prevention and treatment of football injuries, promotion of preventive actions among football players, as well as education of the next generations of sports medicine specialists. Consequently, FIFA recommends Carolina Medical Center to professional and amateur football players who expect comprehensive and targeted medical care.

Granting the exclusive certificate on behalf of the International Federation of Association Football, Chairman of FIFA Medical Committee, doctor Michel D’Hooghe, emphasised that the Polish football demonstrates a clear development not only in terms of performance and infrastructure, but also in the field of specialist medical care.

During the ceremony, doctor Robert Śmigielski, the president and originator of Carolina Medical Center, presented the clinic’s long-standing actions which combine medicine and football. The clinic conducts preventive research and training programmes attended by footballers from the Polish top division.

The involvement in football is not limited to professional players, as specialists from Carolina Medical Center have conducted broad screening tests among over 5,000 primary school students. The tests help select a group of children likely to be successful in sports. The clinic also cooperates with Warsaw football schools, focusing on prevention of injuries and improvement of football potential by means of identification and strengthening of the weakest elements of the player’s locomotor system.

Doctor Robert Śmigielski emphasised that “for 17 years Carolina Medical Center has been active in the field of specialist orthopaedics. Since 1998 we have conducted a number of pioneering medical procedures, created unique treatment programmes, and got back on their feet – literally and figuratively – thousands of people for whom mobility is crucially important. I treat the FIFA accreditation as a proof of recognition for the whole team of specialists, who have fully devoted themselves to orthopaedics and sports medicine.”


While it may not be an entirely new mode when it comes to the FIFA franchise as a whole, it is definitely new to FIFA 15, and it was just released this past week, it’s one of the most creative game modes, Generations.

For those that don’t know, Generations is a squad builder where you can showcase all of your best players from every FIFA you’ve ever played Ultimate Team on. As you can see in the picture above, there’s a wide range of players from this year all the way to FIFA 10’s ultimate team. As of now it’s only a squad builder, but it truly gets closer to using the term, ultimate team. You can have the sickest players like Maicon’s team of the year, or back when Ronaldinho still had an amazing card to those that are now retired like David Beckham.

It’s a great thing to see, and hopefully in future installments, you can actually use these squads in matches in Friendlies or against the AI. Of course having them in divisions and tournaments would be bad, extremely broken teams would be on there, but in Friendlies or your own generation mode could be added.