Caulker LFC transfer update for FIFA 16 imminent

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There is another important piece of January transfer news for FIFA 16 players now, as Steven Caulker to Liverpool is now official. It is a loan move, but EA will still offer a Caulker Liverpool FIFA 16 transfer update very soon.

The good news is that EA has been very active when it comes to early FIFA 16 Winter transfers. They have already moved Iturbe over to Bournemouth from Roma, so we can safely say that it will be a matter of hours rather than days before you’ll find Caulker available in packs for Liverpool FC.

Right now, you can pick Caulker up for 650 coins so it will be interesting to see how much this price increases as soon as the Caulker LFC cards for FIFA 16 go live on the transfer market.

Microsoft Slash FIFA 16 In Half For Xbox One


FIFA 16 was the top selling video game in the U.K. in 2015 and is among the top selling globally.

But while EA Sports is busy working on the next successor FIFA 17, retailers have been busy giving discount on the already aging FIFA 16.

Microsoft is the latest company to slash the price for FIFA 16 on the Xbox One platform. The retail cost for the game is $59.99, but Xbox One owners can download a copy from the Xbox Live store for $30.

FIFA 16 is the best ever in the franchise history with massively improved gameplay and graphics. The game also plays very well on Microsoft next generation console, the Xbox One. FIFA 16 Coins

What is ahead for World of Warcraft in 2016

buy cheap wow gold  A New Year often brings thoughts of new beginnings, glimmers of hope that the future will be bright. As we begin 2016, Blizzard Entertainment’s “Warcraft” franchise looks like it might have its biggest year in a long while.

Big budget movies featuring characters and worlds that just a few years ago would have been impossible to feature on the big screen have proven to be box office juggernauts over the last few years. Viewers are now accustomed to seeing gods and superheroes battle it out on the big screen. In June, the denizens of Azeroth will get their turn to be exposed to a wider audience than ever before as “Warcraft” hits theaters.

Directed by Duncan Jones and starring Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Rob Kazinsky, and Daniel Wu, “Warcraft” tells the story of the first interactions between the Orcs, as they flee their dying world, and the humans of Azeroth. The movie is sure to rekindle interest in former “World of Warcraft” players, as well as bring in some new ones.

The other big happening for “World of Warcraft” in 2016 is the launch of the game’s sixth expansion. “Legion” is expected to be released sometime in or before September, and brings with it an all-new “hero class.” Players will be able to create Demon Hunters, which will have several special abilities. “Legion” will also introduce Artifacts to the game, powerful weapons based on weapons used by legendary characters in the game’s history.

“Legion” will also bring many changes to currently existing characters and game mechanics. There are going to be balance changes to each class, and the PvP system is getting an overhaul. Gear won’t matter nearly as much in “Legion” PvP, where characters will be able to advance through an honor leveling system to gain PvP-only talents.

“Legion” will also introduce Gnome Hunters to the game, along with the Mechanical pet family for Hunters. Gnome and Goblin Hunters will be able to tame Mechanical pets from the outset, and other Hunters will be able to tame them via a device made by Engineers.

Stay tuned for more “World of Warcraft” news as the release dates for the “Warcraft” movie and the “Legion” expansion draw near.

Elder Scrolls Online news: Bethesda issues statement regarding job layoffs

Things were reportedly not going well for Zenimax Online Studios, developer for hit game “Elder Scrolls Online” when news of the company letting go of employees surfaced online.

The news came from local publication Connacht Tribune, which reported that about 300 workers in the developer’s facility in Galway, Ireland were laid off and that the Irish base was shut down.

However, Bethesda immediately issued their side of the story refuting the news that already circulated. Bethesda made it clear that there were layoffs but only 50 employees were let go.

Upon the release of the news, fans speculated that the “Elder Scrolls” game franchise is going through some troubles, but with Bethesda’s statement, it’s enough to reassure fans that the franchise is doing better than fine since it was just recently that the game publisher announced a sweepstakes draw for “Elder Scrolls Online.”

The sweepstakes will grant $1 million to a lucky game player, who will be announced in February 2016.

“Elder Scrolls 6” or “Skyrim 2” has also been in the rumor mill lately, but there’s no official word as to when the next game will come out.

In the meantime, fans can simply enjoy the franchise through “Elder Scrolls Online,” which recently received its update, “Orsinium.” The latest DLC pack is considered to be the game’s largest.


FIFA 16 Price Cut On PS4 And PS3 Via PlayStation Store

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has cut the price of FIFA 16 on PS4 and PS3 via its 12 Deals of Christmas promotion.

The announcement was made on the European PlayStation Blog. The price cut is only available today until 11.59pm GMT 22nd December. It covers the PS4 and PS3 versions of the game.

The FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition on PS4 normally costs EUR 79.99 but can now be purchased for EUR 39.99. The Super Deluxe Edition on PS4 normally costs EUR 99.99 but today can be purchased for only EUR 49.99.

Lastly, there is the PS3 version of the game. This normally goes for EUR 69.99 but this sale drops it down to EUR 34.99. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can get an additional 10 percent discount.

This might be a good gift to someone if they are fans of soccer. Not to mention this game is the first time the series add women players. There are many women’s national teams and includes players like Alex Morgan and more.

It’s only a few more days until Christmas. Sony will be adding a different deal in 24 hour’s time on the PlayStation Store. Keep on the lookout if a particular game you want might be cheaper so you can grab it before December 25th.   Fifa 16 one coins

PVP in World of Warcraft Has New Leveling System

When Legion comes to the World of Warcraft, players will no longer use Honor and Conquest as PvP currencies. Instead, the entire PvP structure is being revamped with a new leveling system, new PvP talents, and quicker PvP seasons. At max level, players will be able to level their Honor Level by competing in battlegrounds and arenas. Raising the level lets players unlock new talents while earning gold and Artifact weapon power.

Under the new system, players have 50 Honor Levels to earn. As the player’s Honor Level increases, they can unlock new PvP-specific talents like the Wild Protector talent for Beast Mastery Hunters. This talent lets the Hunter’s Dire Beasts protect nearby allies with a 15 percent damage reduction to those within five yards of the pets. Honor talents are only active while a character is engaged in PvP content according to, and these talents will function in addition to the player’s PvE talents.

PvP gear in World of Warcraft’s new Honor system will also be different. Gear will not directly affect players in PvP with them instead benefiting from “pre-determined set of stats” based on the player’s class and specialization. A small modifier based on the player’s item level will contribute to the player’s power, however. Instead of a 25 percent difference in power between players whose item level deviates by 25 item levels today, only a 2.5 percent difference will be in effect under the new system. PvP gear still exists, as WoWhead pointed out with the Vindictive PvP gear showing up in the popular database.

Additionally, seasons will be shorter and more frequent in Legion since there is less of a discrepancy between a player in the beginning of the season versus the end. After all, gear will not be an issues, and a player’s personal Honor Level is theirs to maintain as they see fit.

Legion is expected to release during the summer of 2016 with launch ensured “on or before September 21.” The sixth expansion to World of Warcraft can be pre-purchased now, guaranteeing early access to the Demon Hunter as well as immediately unlocking any digital goods included in the purchase. For example, players that purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of Legion will instantly unlock the Illidari Felstalker mount and the battle pet companion, Nibbles. A few other unlocks for other Blizzard games are also part of the Digital Deluxe edition of Legion.  buy cheap wow gold

FIFA 16 Remains on Top of UK Charts, Overtakes Call of Duty

Fifa 16 ps coins  Electronic Arts’ popular football game, FIFA 16 made its great comeback on top of the UK charts, where the Black Friday deals has pretty much something to do. Until today, the game surprisingly retains its top spot on the list.

FIFA 16 remains number one in the list of UK’s game sales, maintaining its number one position for the week ending in December 5, as Gamespot reported. Following FIFA 16 are Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront on second and third slots, respectively. Debuting on the chart are Just Cause 3 at number four and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege at number six.

This year, the gaming community once again witnesses a clash of the gaming titans at the top spot as FIFA 16 and COD titles battle for the Christmas number one. It could be noted that the Top Three spots remain unchanged this past week. To note, it has already been the FIFA 16’s sixth time to rip off the top spot in the UK Gaming Charts despite the release of two big titles from the Call of Duty and Star Wars franchises. N3rdabl3 commented that the continuing Black Friday sales has helped boost FIFA 16 sales, and with the Holiday shopping season on the mark, chances are it will stay at the top until Christmas.

On another news, Realty Today reports that patch no. 2 releases for FIFA 16 on PS3 and Xbox 360. The patch offers general bug fixes and improved the game’s stability. The patch specifically treats the issues like players getting removed from friends lists in the Co-op Seasons, or players being forfeited in FIFA Online Seasons, and matches continuing despite five red cards. Furthermore, updates also include fixes on goalkeeper issues, squad issues, club naming issues, and ball issues. On the other hand, improvements to the FUT Transfer Market have also been included.

Still remaining strong at the top spot of the UK Charts, EA Sports’ FIFA 16 is still available on PS4, Android, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and PC. Patch No. 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360 is also available.

WildStar-How to Maximize Rested Experience Rate

In most games, you either earn rested experience or you don’t-there’s not a middle ground. Generally this takes place in areas like towns or homes, which is pretty similar to how WildStar handles it. But WildStar goes even further, allowing players to make decisions that directly affect the amount of rested experience they’re earning. As such, when leveling up, it’s a good idea to work towards getting the fastest rested experience you can-it really speeds up the leveling process a lot. For more casual players, it can easily double the leveling speed.

In WildStar, you gain rested experience when in main towns or in your home area-in both cases, you must be logged out. The normal rate, however, is what we consider as the “base” rate. This is well and good if you’re taking long breaks from the game or just don’t care to boost it up as fast as possible, but if you’re going for speed, the housing plot is where it’s at.

Usually, housing within games is more of a fun building mini-game or a way to socialize with other players. It rarely has any tangible benefit. In the case of WildStar, the housing system is just as robust as most others, but it also directly correlates to how much rested experience you are able to earn. And the great part about this is that once you understand how it works, doing it is simple!

A great aspect of how WildStar handles the buffs is that they are always taken from the highest quality items you have placed. So even if you dislike the look of any of these items, you can set them out of the way and build your house up exactly like you want, yet still get all of the top buffs. Essentially, you have them only for the bonus, though if you do like the aesthetics, you are more than welcome to utilize them to customize your area.   Wildstar Gold Online Sale

FIFA 16 is just 27 dollars for both PS4 and Xbox One at Wal-Mart

If a “pitch” means something to you that does not involve a mound, a batter and a catcher-and you somehow have yet to pick up FIFA 16-then this deal will be right up your alley.

As of this writing, you can grab the Xbox One version of the seminal soccer-err, football-game for just $27 on Wal-Mart.

Naturally, PS4 fanatics can pick up the game for the same, cool $27 on Wal-Mart.

FIFA 16 is sure to be a hit for the soccer fans in your life of all ages-and genders! That’s right, this year marks the first FIFA game ever to feature women’s soccer.

And no, it’s not just an add-on. It’s been reported that developer and publisher EA dedicated extensive resources to the inclusion, fine tuning the physics of play for the sake of authenticity. It’s about time.

EA says that it has been wanting a long time to be able to do this, and the developer’s underlying systems were finally sophisticated enough to support the feature in 2015.

Knowing that, this might be the best time to get into the FIFA craze yet-and for more than half off, at that.   Fifa 16 ps coins

World Of Warcraft Gnomes Can Finally Be Hunters

Earlier this month, World of Warcraft developers revealed that the Gnome race in the game will finally have the option to be Hunters when Legion releases. The Hunter class is available to all the other races in the game currently leaving Gnomes as the only race without the option. Luckily, the pint-sized people will be able to tame the beasts of Azeroth very soon, and they are bringing a whole new pet type with them.

The highly requested new race and class combination was rather unceremoniously announced by the World of Warcraft creative director on his personal Twitter account. The screenshot of a Gnome Hunter also included what seemed to be, at the time, the race’s starter pet; a mechanical chicken. Of course, plenty of Gnomes rejoiced in their new class option, but several Hunters were pleased to see the mechanical pet standing next to the Gnome. Perhaps, mechanical pets were being added to list of creatures that Hunters could tame.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment again confirmed the upcoming option to create Gnome Hunters, and the developer divulged details on the new pet family Gnomes will bring along with them when they can be Hunters. The new Mechanical family of pets includes rare, “hard-to-find” pets that players will have to tame in interesting ways. According to the post on the official World of Warcraft website, Gnomes and Goblins will be able to innately tame Mechanical pets; however, any Hunter can tame them after using an Engineering device.

The pets from this new World of Warcraft pet family are said to require some special effort on the Hunter’s part in order to tame. Blizzard developers detail one such pet located in Gnomeregan. Inside, a rare mechanostrider awaits brave Hunters willing to locate it and solve the puzzle to “overload its circuits” letting the player tame the pet. The announcement also included new information on the Gnome Hunters starter pet.

Since Legion content is now in an alpha state, many sites have been busying datamining the upcoming content. Players got their first hint of mechanical pets from those files. For instance, there is a Wowhead entry for the Mecha-Mind Synchronization Fluid, the item likely responsible for other Hunters’ ability to tame the new Mechanical pets.   buy cheap wow gold